Always and Always

by The Iris Bell

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released December 5, 2015

The Iris Bell is:
Jarrett Creasy (bass)
Laura Hinson (keys, guitar, and lead vocals)
Matt Hunt (lead guitar and lead vocals)
Andrew Kambour (drums and vocals)
Laura Schwartz (violin and vocals)

This album was recorded in fits and starts throughout 2015

All songs written by Matt Hunt and performed by The Iris Bell

All tracks recorded by Matt Hunt with exception of drums, which were recorded by Chuck Conser

Produced and mixed by Chris Walldorf at Sioux Sioux studio in Charlotte, NC

Mastered by Jason Mendelson at An Undisclosed Location

Cover art by Laura Hinson and Laura Schwartz



all rights reserved


The Iris Bell Washington, D.C.

Since 2013, The Iris Bell has crafted a distinctive style of folksy Americana with lush harmonies, a variety of instruments, and a generous helping of barrel-aged American whiskey. The band members meld their various backgrounds, experiences, and influences into original songs that have been performed at farmers markets, festivals, and local clubs. ... more

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Track Name: All I've Got To Lose
Sweep the dust out from the front door
Sweep the bones out of the valley floor
And keep the rust out of the airport
I’ll keep the loneliness I knew before

Another face comes thru the night
The wrinkles lay just out of sight
A waste of time
A taste of life is hard
And brave or not
The grave is all I’ve got to lose

The gypsy girl down at the corner
Is telling fortunes for a quarter
And she says, I can see your dreams are many
Well memories are just a penny

In tattoo ink and candlelight
She pulls the shades down for the night
A waste of time
A taste of life is hard
And brave or not
The grave is all I’ve got to lose

A waste of time
A taste of life is hard
And brave or not
The grave is all I’ve got to lose
Track Name: Been Here Too Long
We grew up tired
Bored even in our dreams
We grew up tired
Bored before we turned fifteen

I know what you said
I've said it, too
But saying things
Is quite overused
And we've been here too long

There was a time
When I thought my heart would ring
There was a time
When I could feel anything
I know what you want
I want it, too
But wanting's all
That I want to do
And we've been here too long

You were a child
Well I guess I was, too
All we did
Was all that we could do

Now I see your face
And I just don't know
Where's that girl I knew?
Where did she go?

I used to think
That love never died
I used to think
If we tried and we tried
And we tried….

But we've been here too long
Yes we've been here too long
Track Name: Shade
Falling softly down
The moonlight bathes the town
And the daylight starts to drown away
Sleeping free from dreams
Is harder than it seems
When the stars aren’t forgiving anything
The sweetest rememberings
Are the things that you haven't seen
Like a newborn promising to breathe

The best thing that you can hope for is some shade
But it's the kind of thing that changes through the day

Summer passes by
without giving a reason why
And we're saying goodbye before me meet
So I drink up the watershed
Where the river is running red
And the words that were left for dead repeat

Newness is new to me
And I'm shaking like a leaf
But I thinking of other things right now
The distance is deafening but
Sometimes it seems to me
The hearts are still beating out a sound
Track Name: Globe
Take the atlas down
Spin the globe around
Lift off and then touchdown
Move along the ground

Take the sky apart
Blackness wrapped in stars
Look deep into your heart
And soul

Fly, fly....

I dreamt the Tethys Sea
Was moving under me
The mountains pitch and heave
And groan.

How old will I be
When sand and stone and scree
Are crushing over me
The snows pile up so deep

Free, free...

I met an ancient man
Sitting in the desert sands
He looked into my hands
And eyes

He said the world abounds
In scenery and sounds
And Time's a wave that drowns
So ride the bastard down

High, high…
Track Name: Always and Always
Daylight dragged me to another day
Stealing dreams that disappeared and strayed
No one ever said that they
Were for always…

Even faithful people have their doubts
Of the things they whisper and they shout
What is within and without
And what is always and always true
What is always and always true

There are deserts that I’ve crossed for you
Sands that swallowed all the blood they drew
Canyons burning till they hollowed through
All the stones that we held on to
What was always and always new
It was always and always you